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Your place to get wonderful Homemade Goodies made from the heart in my own kitchen!

Elegant Delights Rates & Services

We make Homemade Cheesecakes and Pies custom made to order!   A few of the traditional items we sell are New York Style Cheesecake, Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, Banana Cream Pie, Chocolate Cream Pie, and Pecan Pie.  Pumpkin Rolls with or without walnuts are a big hit during the fall and winter ! 

New this year are Homemade Cobblers !  Peach, Blackberry and more !


Although our speciality is Homemade Cheesecakes, our delicious Coconut Cream Macadammia Nut with Meringue Pie is our speciality pie and many people's favorite !


For toppings on the Cheesecake, we make them homemade

from fresh fruit such as Strawberry, Blueberry, and Raspberry. In addition to the Plain NY Style Cheesecake, we also make Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Swirl and Caramel Swirl NY Style Cheesecakes to name  a few.   Just recently we have added Pineapple Upside Down Cheesecake and our elegant and HUGE Red Velvet Cheesecake.   Be sure to check out our pictures !   YUMMY !!!

We also offer oreo truffles, as well as Nutter Butter Truffles, which are a true delight !  Crushed sandwich cookies mixed with cream cheese, rolled into balls and dipped into chocolate.  These come packaged in bags of 1 dozen.

NEW to our menu are Whoopie Pies.  These can be mini-size or full, 4" size in the traditional chocolate with white cream filling or just about any flavor you desire with any of your favorite filling. These are sold by the dozen.

Many items are listed on the Order Form but if you have a favorite cheesecake or pie you would like, just ask and we'd be glad to make it for you.


Plain cheesecakes are $20 for your choice of either 9" or 10", add $3 for toppings and different flavors .  Some special orders will be slightly more.  Most pies are 10" in size and are $15.00.  The oreo truffles are $5/dozen.   Pumpkin Rolls are $12.00 for plain or $15.00 for nut.   Please allow atleast 3 - 4 days for delivery/pickup.  As bad as I hate to,  I am having to add a small delivery fee.  It is $10.00 for up to  20 miles and $20 for 21- 25 miles, if a delivery is farther than 25 miles, I will have to work up a price when you place the order.

Please click here for the order/pricing sheet Elegant Delights 2016 Price List.wps .


Have a special, favorite kind of pie or cheesecake? No Problem. We will make any custom order!

With the holiday and Super Bowl parties approaching quickly,our products make great gifts and and party treats!



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